zoom 2016 - Young Israeli Artists





The Zoom project was created in order to provide a platform for young artists producing 

contemporary Israeli art to express their talent and to assist them in their professional 

development. The participating artists in Zoom 2016 are a select group of graduates from a 

wide range of art schools from all over Israel, who have completed their BFA or MFA degrees during the years 2014-2015. Among Zoom’s project goals are meeting as many young graduates as possible, introducing the leading graduates to curators who may be interested in working with them in future projects, exhibiting a selection of works from among that group of leading artists at Ticho House (Israel Museum) and awarding a monetary prize to one outstanding artist from the “Zoom 2016- Young Israeli Artists” exhibition.




During the summers of 2014 and 2015, the Zoom team reviewed end-of-year shows in art

schools throughout the country and examined the works of some 700 artists. Approximately 70 artists from a wide range of schools - from Oranim College in the north to Sapir College in the south – were selected by the Zoom team and interviewed individually. In consultation with the teachers and directors of all these art schools, the list was finally narrowed down to 35 artists. These 35 artists met with the Zoom team once more and received assistance in preparing professional power point presentations to be used in the subsequent stage of the project.




The 35 artists were invited to give 20 minute presentations to the senior curators of the Israel Museum. They met with Mira Lapidot, Chief Curator of Fine Arts, Timna Seligman- Curator of Ticho House, Amitai Mendelsohn- Curator of the Department of Israeli Art, Aya Miron- Associate Curator of Israeli Art, Tanya Sirakovich- Head Curator of the Department of Prints and Drawings and Noam Gal- Head Curator of the Photography Department. During a three and a half day “retreat”, the young artists and senior curators forged professional links which will ideally be brought to bear on future projects.​



Of the 35 young artists who met with the curators of the Israel Museum, 24 were chosen by the Zoom team together with Timna Seligman to present their work in the exhibition “Zoom 2016- Young Israeli Artists”. The exhibition is due to take place in the Ticho House during the summer months of 2016.




A team of three curators from highly esteemed overseas institutions will be invited to come to Israel in order to join two Israeli curators on a panel the mission of which will be to choose one outstanding artist from among the exhibition’s participants. The panel will award the young artist with a NIS50.000 prize on behalf of the Zoom project.